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How to Get Luck in Gambling!!!

Have you ever wondered about Superstitions you have heard which relate to gambling and casinos. In fact, gamblers and their unswerving belief in Lady Luck are the most superstitious people in the world. There are many superstitions in the world, but we have listed those which make help get you lucky on your next gamble. Here is a list of just a few about playing cards:

  • he who wins the first game will win the third.
  • playing cards on a table without a table cloth is unlucky.
  • to make a man win, stick a pin in his coat.
  • if playing for real money, walk straight from the table, then make a round turn.
  • to drop a card on the floor is a bad omen.

  • Read further superstitions about cards.

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A gruesome superstition

Roulette A gruesome superstition from Monte Carlo says, that after a suicide, all those playing against the bank will win.

Maybe this reflects a loss of concentration from the croupiers.

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